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McDonald's Liquor and Wine prides itself on being dog friendly! Whether it's extra water on a warm day or a stash of the best dog treats most dogs have ever had, we've got them! Each week we highlight a different customer's pooch as the "Dog of the Week", so bring your four-legged friend into the store next time you stop in, and maybe (s)he'll b...

McDonald's Liquor and Wine prides itself on being dog friendly! Whether it's extra water on a warm day or a stash of the best dog treats most dogs have ever had, we've got them! Each week we highlight a different customer's pooch as the "Dog of the Week", so bring your four-legged friend into the store next time you stop in, and maybe (s)he'll be famous one day! 

Dog of the Week: 12/30/2018

Meet Leon, the cutest dog of the week we've had thus far! He was all tuckered out from his big day out! Just look at those eyes/that expression! He looks slightly concerned but totally adorable... GOO.

Dog the Week: 12/16/2018

Meet our most recent Dog of the Week! He's a rescue that's most likely a mix between a blue heeler and Australian Shepherd and he definitely seemed like he was adjusting well to his new digs! What a cutie!

Dog of the Week: 11/18/2018

Back after a long break (and hundreds of potential dogs of the week) we have this adorable English Bulldog who, like the cub on the wolf lamp from the movie Step Brothers, is unnamed, because how you can put a name to that face? It's either that or that we forgot the name of this beaut. It's a waiting game.

Dog of the Week: 5/20/2018

This dog of the week is a few weeks old, but was so beautiful that we had to include it to our list. A chocolate lab that loves treats, he was actually fighting through the crummy weather in late April to get his favorite treat! That's commitment, the kind that lands you as the dog of the week! 

Dog of the Week: 2/25/2018

This gorgeous blue pitty is a semi-regular in the store and is as sweet as a puppy can be! With looks like that she might just challenge Basky's record as a three-time dog of the week champion! Where are you, Basky? We miss you! 

Dog of the week: 2/4/2018

Stanley may have been on this list before but he is so cute (and not this small anymore, we're sure) that he deserves a second shot! That and... Not many pups are coming in with the snow/cold weather! We miss you Stanley!

Dog of the week: 1/28/2018

Stevie is another repeat dog of the week! Like his owner, we're still trying to figure out exactly what sort of dog Stevie is, but rest assured, he loves dog treats (and some beer, too!)

Dog of the Week: 10/15/2017

Meet Penelope! an ADORABLE puppy that looked like a Jack Russell and ate like a Rottweiller! She LOVED our puppy Jerky and could not get enough! 

Dog of the Week: 7/30/17

Stevie is the first Dog of the Week that we've had that was actually being dog-sat by someone! He missed his owner(s) but his spirits were definitely lifted when he got his puppy-jerky! What a cute dog! 

Dog of the Week: 7/23/2017

Eddie is an adorable poodle of some sort who patiently waited for his pup-treat much better than many other dogs have, perhaps better than any other. It's because of that that he won out as dog of the week and will be a store VI...D from now on! 

Dog of the Week: 7/9/2017

Look at that face! Blue is a semi-regular to the store and based on the size of him, should probably get two jerky treats! 

Dog of the Week: 7/2/17

Sophie and Jack are probably the cutest pups we've ever had in the store! They're both Pomeranians and while they were obviously super thirsty, they sated their thirst by splitting one of our Neighborhood-Famous Puppy Jerky Treats! 

Dog of the Week: 6/25/17

Rhubab was ready to work for her puppy treat! 

Dog of the Week: 6/11/17

Nakota is a beautiful German Shepherd who, like his brethren in the Police force, was great sniffing out the location of our neighborhood-famous puppy jerky. 

Dog of the Week: 6/4/2017

Basky is our first double dog of the week! He's the product of an over-achieving Basset Hound and Husky, hence the name Basky. He absolutely loves the puppy jerky we hand out and because of his hard work he's earned his spot on the McDonald's Liquor and Wine Mount Rushmore of Dogs! 

Dog of the Week:

After two weeks where we didn't have a single dog visitor on Saturday (our typical selection day for DotW), we got in another pup that hails from Australia, this time an Australian Cattle Dog named Brisbin aka Brizzy! She was as sweet as she looked and has gone from herding cattle to eating them, thanks to our world famous puppy jerky! G'Day, Brizzy! 

Dog of the Week:

JD may be our best puppy customer (Pupstomer?) and is named after Jack Daniels himself! He's an Australian Shepherd and loves puppy jerky (Perky?)! 

And... We couldn't help but add a second pup, Laney, to the list! Laney lucked out and went home with quite the cool toy for her efforts, as well as our world famous puppy jerky! 

Dog of the Week:

Meet Sophie! Who's getting up there in years but still was as enthusiastic as a puppy when it came to jumping for her treat! 

Dog of the Week: 4/9/2017

Meet Ellie, the mutt who stole my heart! She's a Jack Russell/Beagle mix (Among others) and was a very sweet pup who savored her puppy jerky. 

Dog of the Week: 4/2/2017

Meet Basky! He's the product of true love, his mother was a Husky, his dad? A Basset Hound! He's lucky that he did get that Husky DNA, otherwise he wouldn't have been able to jump up to the counter to get his treat (and the subsequent treats he kept trying to get). See you around, Basky!

Dog of the Week: 3/26/2017

Meet Hank, the elder statesman of the Dogs of the Week! He is a very well trained pup, and definitely earned his puppy jerky this morning! 

Dog of the Week: 3/19/2017

Check out Itchy! She is named after a character in 'Fried Green Tomatoes' (Not the Simpsons Character), and LOVES our dog treats so much that she attempted to eat my phone when I took a picture as she thought it was our puppy jerky! 

Dog of the Week: 3/12/2017

Isabella stopped in this morning, braving the cold in her festive puppy jacket. While she is almost 12 years old she still looks like a puppy and jumped up for her famous McDonald's Liquor Puppy Beef Jerky! 

Dog of the Week: 3/5/2017

Meet Samson! A chocolate lab who luckily doesn't need a hair cut (Bible reference!). He loved our dog treats! 

Dog of the
Week: 2/26/2017

Meet Tucker! He clearly LOVES the puppy jerky (Not made from puppies) that we hand out to each dog that comes into the store. He earned his extra piece! 

Dog of the Week: 2/19/2017

Meet Goose! She was probably the most lovable Dog of the Week that we've had thus far... She kept jumping up to get some love from everyone she met... What a great girl! 

Dog of the Week: 2/12/2017

Zane is a Husky mix that has the energy of a Husky, for sure. He's a classic example of a pup who remembers how good our beef jerky treats are as he came straight for the register when he came in! 

Dog(s) of the Week: 2/5/2017

This week's dog is a two for one special in Swiper (Left) and Chopper (Right)... These two are inseparable and both waited patiently for their treat! 

Dog of the Week: 1/22/2017

Meet Petty! He's an adorable Chocolate Lab who was taking care of the unseasonably warm weather to get his delicious puppy beef jerky treat that I honestly have yet to meet a dog who hasn't said... "Where have these been all of my (dog) years?!?"

Dog of the Week: 1/15/2017

Tucker is a one and a half year old Rottweiller/Puggle (Pug and Beagle) Mix that loves our treats and is owned by a very cool customer of ours. Remember to bring your pup into the store next time you stop in! 

Dog of the Week: 1/8/2017

Tucker was the first Dog of the Week in 2017! He's a very brave boy for braving the elements for his well earned dog treat, too!

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